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Fic writing questions!

So reblog this if I can pop into your box and ask you questions about writing (You can probably make a version for art, too). And you can ask them to me if you really want to.
Specify fandom if you want for any of the questions.
1. Which is your favorite of the fics you've written for X fandom?
2. Favorite piece overall?
3. Which was the hardest to write, in terms of plot?
4. Which has the most "you" in it, however you'd define that?
5. What is an image/set of images that you're particularly proud of?
6. Idea that you always wanted to write but could never make work?
7. Least favorite plot point/chapter/moment?
8. Favorite plot point/chapter/moment?
9. Favorite character to write?
10. Favorite line or lines of dialogue that you've written
11. If I'm showing off just one of your pieces to someone, which one should it be?
12. What WIPs do you have going now? Are you excited about them?
13. Are there any things that might have happened in any of your stories, but you changed them at the last minute? (So-and-so dies, they don't actually kiss, main character has long extended ballet-based dream sequence, etc.)
14. Would you want to write canon for any of your fandoms (like be hired by showrunner to do an episode)? Which one?
15. Does font matter to you when you're writing a draft?
16. 3 favorite comments ever received on fanfic.
17. Any mean comments? How'd you deal with it? Who laid the smackdown?
18. If you could go back and revise one of your older stories, which would it be?
19. Do you make up scenes at work/on the bus/at the gym? Who are the characters that pop up the most? Do you write them down?
20. Go nuts, and talk about writing. Or write me a little ficlet-whatsit using a character/image/line I shall now specify

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fic: History of the Time War [Eleven/River | Rating: M]

Rating: M

Characters:  Eleven/River, War Doctor, Nine

Warnings:  Explicit violence, body horror, non-con (non explicit)

Words:  5,800

SummaryThe Doctor discovers something about River that helps him to finally face his demons. River discovers that perhaps the Silence had been right about her husband all along.

A/N— Me getting my head around the Time War, and how the Eleventh became the man who forgets.

It gets quite graphic in a couple of places, so if that sort of thing triggers you, best to avoid this. Also giving a warning for non-con, but that part is not explicitly written.

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fic: In Vodka Veritas [Eleven/River | Rating: M]

Rating: R

Characters:  Eleven/River

Warnings:  Sex Talk and Swearing

Words:  2,400

SummarySelf-restraint has never been River’s strong suit, and what little she possesses is tested when the Doctor shows up on her first day of university expecting sex.

A/N—This is one I wrote all at once. I got a little lost in their conversation and when I looked up it was 4am… whoops. 

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fic: Crime and Punishment [Eleven/River | R]

Rating: R

Characters:  Eleven/River, and a surprise.

Warnings:  Explicit Sex, Might seem a bit dub-con at the start, but it isn’t.

Words:  1,800

SummaryThe Doctor makes a scene at a party, and a heavily pregnant River is furious.

A/N—I found this knocking about on my Hard Drive. It’s from a pregnancy sex series I had going ages ago. 

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fic: The Doctor’s Cot

Rating: PG

Characters:  One, Eleven, the Doctor’s Mother, Amy, River

Warnings:  None. 

Words:  2,800 (complete) 

SummaryHe made it his vow to her on the occasion of her birth. Susan would be as dear to him as the woman whose love and fight brought him through and made him the man he had become, the woman who first introduced him to the agony of loss and grief, the woman who built for him the very cot in which his granddaughter now lay. His mother.

A/N—I was thinking about the Doctor’s cot, and I was also thinking a bit about the whole ‘part human on my mother’s side’ thing. This is an origin story of sorts, but mostly it’s about the Doctor’s mother and his relationship with her. I borrowed bits of lore from Lungbarrow, which I haven’t read yet, for the record.

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fanfic: New York Shorts [Parts 13 & 14 — Now complete]

Short fics set after The Angels Take Manhattan following the Ponds’ lives in New York. 

Entire work


Summary:  Time’s slow hand.

Words:  530

Time to Part

Summary:  After a life filled with hard decisions, the last one proves to be the hardest of all.

Words:  540

*Finally putting this to bed a year later. Sorry for the angst, but it really couldn’t end any other way. :(

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Fic: The Tape | Eleven/Mels | Rating: R

Characters:  Eleventh Doctor/Mels Zucker (River Song)

Words:  5,200

SummarySo your wife made a sex-tape when she was younger. What’s past is past, right? Not if you have a time machine.

A/NThanks so much to the amazing clare009 for the wonderful beta and encouragement as always. I started writing this for the kink-meme about a year ago.

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fic: What’s Mine is Yours [Eleven/River]

Rating: M

Characters:  Eleventh Doctor/River Song

Words:  3,400

SummaryRiver and the Doctor discover that some traits are physiological. And some are definitely not.

A/N—Oh look, a body-swap fic. How original! :P I didn’t bother with an explanation, so, like, an alien did it? This has been knocking around my hard drive forever in some form.

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fic: Sleep and Death are Brothers [Eleven, Clara]

Rating: PG

Characters:  Clara, Eleven (mentions of Ponds and Songs)

Warnings:  No spoilers because I don’t know any. Talk of death, but no actual death.

Words:  3,750 

SummaryJunior doctor, Clara Oswald, never in her life expected to meet anyone like the Doctor. If only he wasn’t on his deathbed.

A/N—I’m not sure where this came from. Maybe I’m trying to make my own sense of Clara. Thanks to clare009 who happily takes the blame for everything.

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fanfic: New York Shorts [Parts 11 & 12]

Short fics set afterThe Angels Take Manhattan following the Ponds’ lives in New York.

Entire work

The Art of Remembering

Summary:  Some day soon, her memories will be all she has.

Words:  350


Summary:  Melody is good at keeping secrets.

Words:  800

*I’m going to have to leave the series incomplete while I disappear from fic writing for a month for NaNoWriMo. I’ll probably have a million ideas as I’m trying to write original fiction. :)

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fanfic: New York Shorts [Parts 9 & 10]

Short fics set afterThe Angels Take Manhattan following the Ponds’ lives in New York.

Entire work

Lost and Found

Summary:  A New York alleyway is probably not the safest place for a toddler.

Words:  400

After the Waiting

Summary:  They just needed time.

Words:  300

*I’m going to try to get the next/final four posted before the end of the month.

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