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I nearly got it wrong.

Gallifrey isn’t my home.

There are moments in every civilization’s history in which the whole path of that civilization is decided; the whole future path. Whatever future the Time Lords might have depends upon the choice that is made right here and right now. Now, you’ve got the tools to kill them; you made them. You brought them up here all on your own with your own ingenuity. You don’t need a human. Kill them or let them live, I can’t make this decision for you.

It’s your planet. It’s your choice.

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Next Time on Doctor Who
8.04 - “Listen" - 13.09.2014
What’s that in the mirror,
                 or the corner of your eye?
                              What’s that footstep following,
                                                but never passing by?

                                                Perhaps they’re all just waiting.
                               Perhaps when we’re all dead,
                 out they’ll come a-slithering,
     from underneath the bed.

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