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fic: The Doctor’s Cot

Rating: PG

Characters:  One, Eleven, the Doctor’s Mother, Amy, River

Warnings:  None. 

Words:  2,800 (complete) 

SummaryHe made it his vow to her on the occasion of her birth. Susan would be as dear to him as the woman whose love and fight brought him through and made him the man he had become, the woman who first introduced him to the agony of loss and grief, the woman who built for him the very cot in which his granddaughter now lay. His mother.

A/N—I was thinking about the Doctor’s cot, and I was also thinking a bit about the whole ‘part human on my mother’s side’ thing. This is an origin story of sorts, but mostly it’s about the Doctor’s mother and his relationship with her. I borrowed bits of lore from Lungbarrow, which I haven’t read yet, for the record.

Over on AO3 & Teaspoon

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