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When the Doctor appeared to see River by speaking her name, River said, “And here he is, my dashing boy. I do like the new coat.”

"That’s not possible," said the Doctor.

Oh, and there’s gray hair number eight - is it wrong if I do a little dance?” continued River as the Doctor walked right through her hologram-like form to the gravestone.

Shivering, she added, “Ooh! He’s still got it though.”

- fr. “The Name of the Doctor” draft script , DWM guide to the 2013 series

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Many years ago, when Russel was running the show, we had a sort-of competition to make up Doctor Who titles with really rude acronyms. I was still on the forums back then, and everyone would refer to the episode titles by their initials (Aliens of London would be ‘AOL’, and so on) and we thought it would be ever so funny to make everybody swear on the internet….Trouble was, Russel with his giant brain, was always much quicker and ruder on his acronyms that I could ever be, and they always sort of made sense. The best I could come up with was ‘A River Song Ending’….Pondering that, I sort of started to like it as a name. And the name sort of attached itself to a character. And reader, he married her.
Steven Moffat on the invention of River Song’s name, via Doctor Who Magazine. (via shoot-the-smiley)

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Mo-Ho: 10 Reasons You Should Do NaNoWriMo


National Novel Writing Month is just around the bend! How around the bend? The sites are launching this week; that’s right, this week. Are you unsure about committing to writing a novel this November? Are there people you want to convince to join the world’s biggest…

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You're my prisonner


Words: 1,196
Characters/Relationship: Eleven/River
Rated: Explicit
Summary: “You’re my prisoner.” he whispers in her ear, and it’s not a real surprise to see him taking a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket. He puts them around her wrists, wrapping them around a bar so she won’t be able to move. “And I do everything I want with you.”

Sorry, I should have posted this one a few months ago but Kristi someone forgot it… And so did I ;)

Maybe I should add a warning for handcuffs and rough sex… Maybe…

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