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jfc, it’s hot as BALLS here tonight. And there’s those shitty flying ants about. Horrid little feelers going on them. UGH.

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My poor little baby Rory is very sick tonight. He has an ear and throat infection and a really scary temperature. It’s going to be a long night.

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"The slow descent into loss, you know, losing her husband, losing the person that is the great love in her life the things that sort of is the other half of her. She’s trying desperately to stay close to him." -Alex Kingston on Lady Macbeth

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fic: History of the Time War [Eleven/River | Rating: M]


Rating: M

Characters:  Eleven/River, War Doctor, Nine

Warnings:  Explicit violence, body horror, non-con (non explicit)

Words:  5,800

SummaryThe Doctor discovers something about River that helps him to finally face his demons. River discovers that perhaps the Silence had been right about her husband all along.

A/N— Me getting my head around the Time War, and how the Eleventh became the man who forgets.

It gets quite graphic in a couple of places, so if that sort of thing triggers you, best to avoid this. Also giving a warning for non-con, but that part is not explicitly written.

Over on AO3 & Teaspoon

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