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Back from me holliers. Boston and New England road trip.

Ate a lot of meat, drank a lot of beer, played board games, danced a bit.

Saw a black bear cub in the forest!

Awesome times.

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He picked up the rusting Handles which flickered into life; “Hello,Sweetie” it said, using the phrase River Song usually emplyed to greet the Doctor. “Don’t call me sweetie,” said the old Time Lord. “it is your preferred form of address”, stated the Cyberhead. “If you’re a hot space lady,” replied the Doctor. “You’re a metal head, how’s that going to work?” “Spoilers” responded Handles, using another of River’s phrases. “Stop it,” said the Doctor.
Edited part from Time of The Doctor. Doctor Who Magazine special edition 38. (via marriagehoney)

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